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Week of May 26, 2014


wit, competition, appropriate musical handclaps, decent baseball, chaucer, grammar, Marc Jacobs, the voice of Katey Sagal, dinosaurs, Suri Cruise, three-pointers, Elvis Costello, raspberry newtons (r.i.p.), bear snuggles, the legend of Dikembe Mutombo, city exploration, coca cola, public flatulence, atlanta, perfectly-crafted pop songs, top-five lists, rollable hills, bar trivia, corgis


power pop, alt-country, motown, pop punk, garage rock, 70s punk, lo-fi indie pop, doo-wop


’80s john cusack vehicles, ’90s adaptations of classic literature, music documentaries, underrated dramadies, wes anderson films, peewee’s big adventure


southern gothic fiction, comedic memoirs, pop culture manifestos, loping domestic sagas, creative nonfiction

TV Shows:

shows featuring a strong female lead, workplace comedies, witty buddy shows, sports dramas, gritty crime serializations


idiocy, multiple exclamation points, peas, flamboyant law-breaking, tinted windows, wearing sunglasses at night, blatant misspellings, poor grammar, buffets, the yankees, Ayn Rand, geographically named bands, squirrels, general boredom and major apathy