Back in the Saddle

To be honest, folks, I don’t know that I can do this anymore.

(Pauses to allow the chorus of encouragement)

But really. I spent just over a year virtually off the grid, swathed in the stench of day-old coffee and anxious brow sweat, only reappearing occasionally to issue a blogosphere screed about my lack of a career path. I was doing very little writing of any kind, aside from scribbled (and oft-rottenly misspelled) names on coffee cups. And now, for the first time in nearly two years, I have a position that requires me to wax poetic on a daily basis. And I’ve found that, at best, I’m out of practice. At worst, I’ve lost the touch entirely.

I love to write, and my job, while an incredible opportunity, doesn’t allow me to do a lot of free flowing prose. So I have vowed to write, everyday, something. My dear friend Scott is a great proponent of writing as much as possible, on every platform. As such, I hope to do a bit of writing here, perhaps, too, on a few different media sites, and I’m confident I’ll get my groove back. There’s a lot I want to say: I want to talk about politics, music, literature, film. I’ll try to keep my Pretty Little Liars fangirling to a minimum – I just can’t help it -, but I sure as hell will talk about Robin Thicke, and maybe not quite in the way you’d expect. And I’ll talk about the things that are of actual importance to me too. I think I have a lot to say still; the trick will be finding my voice again.

So maybe give me a chance, and keep reading. I hope to have something interesting to say.

Happy Thursday, happy new year, l’shana tova, and the best of evenings to y’all.


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