A.V. Club: All right, all right, all right

If there’s one individual who has remained firmly rooted in the recesses of my heart for decades (seriously!), it’s Butch Walker. The musician/producer/songwriter/memoirist (squee!) has had an illustrious career spanning many years, and he’s now a go-to producer for any number of modern acts. The video for his newest single, “Synthesizers,” with the Black Widows, is downright hysterical. Matthew McConaughey reprises the role of David Wooderson from 1993’s “Dazed and Confused,” and the ‘hey is in true form here. He sports his trademark sleazy handlebar, the rolled-up sleeves and even a slight paunch, macking on the (underage) ladies. The part that had me rolling was the mini-piano playing – because tiny piano means party! -, but the whole thing is a fantastic complement to the track. Check it out below.

And, for good measure, be sure to check out Walker’s parody of the “Reading Rainbow” theme, released in October as a book trailer for his memoir, Drinking With Strangers. The video is embedded below, and the book, too, is a real treat. Here’s a teaser: Find out how Walker could have derailed the Creed train!

Happy watching/trumpet-playing.


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