The Dunce Cap: Week of Oct. 23, 2011

8tracks finally created embedding for WordPress, and, while I missed the announcement, I’m thrilled to be able to begin using it.

The Dunce Cap, Vol. 38: And you will love me for all the reasons everyone hates me. (click on link to listen to mix via 8tracks – or just play above!)

1. “Dolly” – The Fruit Bats
2. “Damn These Vampires” – The Mountain Goats
3. “Honey Bunny” – Girls
4. “Papa Hobo” – Ezra Koenig
5. “All Day Day Light” – The Morning Benders
6. “Good” – The Dodos
7. “Funeral Music” – Actual Tigers
8. “Coast of Carolina” – Telekinesis
9. “If You Want It” – TV Girl
10. “Milkshake” – Yuck

So, I obviously made this mix awhile back but never quite got to blogging it. Hope you enjoy it. I’m still in California with a host of experiences, anecdotes and recommendations to share, but that’ll have to wait until Thanksgiving break. For now, and as always – happy listening.


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