A.V. Club: “New Romance”

Ah, funny music videos. How I’ve missed you.

Miles Fisher, “New Romance” [NSFW]

Miles Fisher‘s video for “New Romance” is both hilarious and gut-clenching – and, in its case, those are two distinct descriptions. The video cleverly mashes “Saved by the Bell” with “Final Destination,” incorporating the day-glo neon nostalgia of the former with the “everyone dies grotesquely” mentality of the latter. The result is a chuckle-inducing visual gag with familiar faces and the deadpan melodrama of Jessie Spano’s pill-popping breakdown. Miles Fisher takes the reins as a Zack Morris-like heartthrob, with Nick D’Agosto (“Election,” “Rocket Science”) and David Koechner (“Anchorman,” “The Office,” ten thousand other small roles) supporting. And, yes, in case you were wondering – they are all in “Final Destination 5,” released Friday.

The video is particularly significant to me, as the track is co-written and produced by Rooney‘s Robert Schwartzman, the star of my prepubescent romantic fantasies. The song certainly rings of Schwartzman’s catchy, breezy production style, and, sounding like the perfect complement to a mix CD for a summer crush, makes me yearn for the early days of Rooney and Phantom Planet, Schwartzman’s older brother Jason‘s former band (phew!). Rooney still occupies a special place in my heart – and, maybe, if you’re nice, I’ll post a fun little photo of me with Schwartzman from when I was 13.

Check out the video for “New Romance,” as well as Fisher’s video for a cover of the Talking Heads’ “This Must Be the Place.” The video pays tribute to “American Psycho”‘s resident sociopath, Patrick Bateman. And, to bring things full circle – and demonstrate my AWESOME POP CULTURE KNOWLEDGE – check out this fun clip of Jason Schwartzman singing “Ethan’s Song” from the terrible 2002 flop, “Slackers.”

Happy watching.


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