Stolen Bike Alert!

Hey, you guys. Charlie Conway’s been bikenapped!

It’s been such a sad few days, friends o’ the blogosphere. Charlie Conway, who I mentioned a few posts back, my beloved Bianchi Milano Citta, has been kidnapped by some big fat jerk! I am oh-so-sad. He was taken right out from under my nose, and I couldn’t even protect him.

I’ve been on a pretty heavy duty Veronica Mars mission to locate him and punish (through some vigilante justice) his captor. Shit’s going to get real.

I’m reposting a photo below, and you can find out more specifics about the circumstances of his disappearance at the Chicago Stolen Bike Registry and the Stolen Bike Registry (national). I’m offering an ample reward for his safe return, so please let me know if you hear anything. I’m devastated!

If you’re in Evanston, please keep your eyes peeled, and protect yourself and your wheels by registering it with the local police. I hope you don’t find yourself in this position, and know that, as soon as I get ‘im back, I’ll be taking the most severe of precautions.

Here’s Charlie:


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