A.V. Club: “My Coco”

Ack, again with the business. That’s busy-ness, for the record.

Things are still crazy on this end, so this’ll be a quick post. I know – not even a Dunce Cap to satiate your needs. Here’s what I have to share: a song.

Stellastarr* released this obvious gem, “My Coco,” in 2004. The track is from the band’s self-titled 2003 debut, and it’s a clear winner.

Art from the CD single of "My Coco"

This song has so many associations for me. It was, if I recall correctly, the first track I ever downloaded on iTunes. And I put it on a mixtape for nearly every boyfriend and crush I had during high school. And I recall so acutely the time I had what seemed like an epiphany about the track – I understood the meaning of the song.

I don’t remember exactly what I understood about the song then, but the song always conjures these feelings for me. It’s a track I think I’ll always love, and I like it all the more when it’s paired with this little explanation from stellastarr* lead singer Shawn Christensen.


“My Coco” is about those first few months when you meet somebody and everything’s just new, great and spontaneous. You know when you start dating someone, and everything’s great? It’s giddy and amazing and explorative, and you can’t wait till she calls you? Coco is actually an ex-girlfriend, though that’s not her real name. Eventually, the relationship started going in a downward spiral, and I lost all that initial giddiness.

God, I know that feeling. Heck, sometimes I think I live for that feeling. It’s total adoration, and it’s a feeling I always hope lasts. I’m feeling the first inklings of this, I think, maybe. Right now, it feels oh-so-good.

Though, let’s be honest: “On an island far away, lemonade with my Co-co-co.” I wish. This snow’s quickly growing tiresome.

Happy listening.


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