On Tap: New Year’s Resolutions

“Now we’re there
And we’ve only just begun
This will be our year
Took a long time to come…”
The Zombies, “This Will Be Our Year”

This video really got me. YouTube user mitm2002 made a short video from his parents’ Super 8 footage and set it to one of my top three most beloved New Year-related songs, The Zombies’ “This Will Be Our Year.” So good.

Anyway. Today is December 29, 2010, which means I am just two and a half short days from saying good riddance to this – pardon the profanity – completely shittastic year. To be fair, 2010 wasn’t totally awful. There were certainly some ups, particularly in terms of my career, and I have some priceless memories with close friends. And, all in all, it looks like 2010 isn’t ending on a sour note (fingers crossed). But there was much heartache, stress, familial trouble, financial trouble, sleeplessness, et. al., and I’m hoping to close this chapter cleanly.

Regardless, I am incredibly excited for the new year. It’s, in so many ways, a fresh start, and, even more toe-curlingly thrilling, it’s one of those pivotal big years for me. There’s my dreamy winter internship, my 21st birthday, a potential big move, another unbelievable internship (perhaps two?!) and graduation! And I know that everyone says this, every year, but this year – This will be my year.

I’ve never made a list of New Year’s Resolutions before – and I’ve certainly never followed the unspoken ones I’ve made – but for 2011, I’ve composed a list of 21 things I aim to do to make my life happier, healthier and more successful. You really ought to see the physical list. I went all out. It’s colorful and covered with doodles and snide comments. I’ll hang that one on my wall and reproduce it (boringly) below.

Two quick notes – I made the list 21 items long in celebration of my big birthday, and I wrote it in third person. Sue me.

Happy 2011 to you and yours. I hope this year brings untold joy and success.

The Girl

After the jump, The Girl with the Dunce Cap’s 2011 New Year’s Resolutions.

Coco’s 2011 New Year’s Resolutions

  1. Start the year off with a bang! This one should be pretty easy to check off. Milwaukee – Bebe, Craig Finn and the Hold Steady
  2. Learn the definition of “deadline.” Follow those pesky little things. I have a problem with punctuality. So long, lateness!
  3. Eat better. That means smaller portions, less caffeine and NO late night meals. Veggie tales!
  4. Schedule time to go to the gym. It’s time you feel AND look healthier. I’m a regular after-school special.
  5. Only do the things you actually want to do. No more commitments that make you miserable.
  6. Make sleep a bigger part of the equation.
  7. Maximize your time. People-watching counts as a worthwhile activity.
  8. Monitor your spending. Also, consolidate.
  9. Save! New York New York New York
  10. Learn to love yourself again.
  11. Read for pleasure! Even if it’s only the occasional magazine article.
  12. Maintain old friendships and forge new ones.
  13. Put yourself out there. This is the one where I forgive myself for subscribing to OkCupid.
  14. Apply for everything. No paying job is too small.
  15. Throw yourself a celebration party every once in a while. Party hats optional.
  16. Buy clothes that actually fit. Snarky comment: “Limited Too’s gotta go.” What does that even mean? I haven’t worn Limited Too since at least high school.
  17. Take total advantage of the city. Make her a bad girl. CLLAW? Why yes!
  18. Write. Blog. Christie. Short stories. Freelance.
  19. GRADUATE!!! Yes, that is worthy of three exclamation points.
  20. Don’t sweat the small stuff so much. Breathing exercises or Futurama-induced laughter. I plan to watch “Mars University” whenever any sort of emotion gets out of hand.
  21. Devour life! Okay, this one sounds like the ultimate cheese-fest, but it was something I picked up from Bust and clung to. This is my year, this is my jam.

I’m honestly so relieved to be entering 2011, and I anticipate only the best. I’m not naive, though. I now it won’t be perfect. But it sure will be great.

And, for good measure, another of my favorite New Year-related songs (with a similar title, no less!):

Semisonic, “This Will Be My Year”


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