A.V. Club: Winter Vacation, Part Three

I’m going to make this a pretty quick one because I start work tomorrow, and I want to be all sprightly and fresh.

I’m back in Chicago after a wonderful few days back home with my family, and I have to say – it’s more lonesome than I think I anticipated it would be. It’s as if the empty streets echo a bit. Regardless, the flight back was nothing short of interesting. I had an entire gospel choir seated behind me, and they weren’t afraid to belt one (or two) out at the departure gate. I’m glad to be back, but I’m a bit antsier than normal too.

It’s been a few exciting days – finally the repeal of DADT! – and I’m sure there’s much more to come.

Anyhow – here’s a video, a site and a product you ought to all check out:

Batman ain’t sinister, he’s a Powerpuff fan!

Bruce Wayne himself (or, at least, his most recent portrayal) sings the Powerpuff Girls theme song on “Popcorn” with Rolling Stone‘s Peter Travers alongside Mark Wahlberg to promote their film “The Fighter.” It’s pretty amusing, and I completely forgot about Christian Bale‘s Welsh accent. As one of the Frisky commenters points out, I thought initially that the Welsh accent was fake! [The Frisky]

Kat Doodles!

Happy Thanksgiving from Kat Doodles!

My adorable friend Kat runs a fittingly adorable blog called “Kat Doodles.” It’s no misnomer – Kat doodles both things from her imagination and by request, and it never fails to be rather twee and smile-inducing.

Ray Lewis fans, breathe easy

Comfy n' snug, Ray?

Your favorite NFL player/acquitted murder suspect has his own Snuggie!


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