A.V. Club: Flashback!

So, I ended up in Memphis with the Keevan clan for Thanksgiving, and my jokester sister reminded me of two viral videos that made me positively guffaw in high school. I figured, because it’s reading week and all I want to do is sluggishly slink through the house, I’d share them with you. For what is probably the ten thousandth time.

It looks like The Dunce Cap mixes will, indeed, be up on Thursdays again, but that really depends on this Thursday. And how up to a mix I’m feeling. And I’ll be starting a killer (and immensely exciting) internship at The A.V. Club, the pop culture pull-out of The Onion. Not really sure how that with figure into my regular blogging, but I’m hoping I’ll find a day with a patch of time for, at least, regular mix making.

In the meantime, this week ought to be replete with lots of exciting videos to share with all y’all.

I am le tired.

“The End of the World,” albinoblacksheep

Basically, this video defined late middle school/early high school for me. My aforementioned sibling first showed this gem to me, and I spent many a lunchtimes regaling my classmates with my shitty (and borderline offensive) impressions from this video.

Shut up, betch. Let’s get some shoes.

“Shoes,” liamkylesullivan

And this video. Oh man, this video. One of my best friends in high school, ChayNay, and I used to watch this video religiously. It’s a gloriously hilarious video chocked full o’ quotables. It began a gorgeous love affair with the video’s snarky protagonist, Kelly.

You wanna play love games?

“The Legend of Old Gregg,” themightyboosh

For me, this was the sardonic soundtrack to my senior year with a collegiate sophomore year reintroduction. “The Legend of Old Gregg” is from this wacky British television show, The Mighty Boosh, and in high school, a few girls discovered this particular skit. It is absolutely ridiculous – and fantastic. It was such a thing in the end of high school, and, thanks to The Boy, it became a trademark in college too.

I’ll be back tomorrow with some new videos for your watching enjoyment. In the meantime, happy watching.


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