The Dunce Cap: Sept. 23, 2010


The Dunce Cap, Vol. 23: You got that kind of beauty that makes people nervous. (click on link to listen to mix via 8tracks)

1. “Our Riotous Defects” – of Montreal
2. “Secret Meeting” – The National
3. “On Large Amusements” – Zoos of Berlin
4. “Falling For You” – Weezer
5. “It’s All Gonna Break” – Broken Social Scene
6. “Ponce De Leon Ave.” – Butch Walker
7. “Slapped Actress” – The Hold Steady
8. “If You Were Here” – Cary Brothers
9. “No One’s Gonna Love You” – Cee-Lo Green
10. “We Can Be Good” – Via Audio

It’s the long overdue return of the Dunce Cap! Welcome back to the knotty musings on all things (un)popular culture! I owe you so many apologies, passing readers. First I promised you a series, then I promised you a weekly mix and then I promised I’d be back. And I didn’t come back.

But I am back! I am back for good! And my first task? A Dunce Cap, of course!

This is, as the first title suggests, a riotous journey of joyous musical skipping! I’m a crazy girrrrrl at the start of a brand spankin’ new school year, and I’ve got lots to say. It’s going to be good.

This isn’t just a rollicking mix of high-fives and tail-shaking. This is also a hxc preview of what’s to come. There’s an of Montreal concert review for their show last Saturday at the Riviera. There’s a nice little message to the sweethearts in Zoos of Berlin. There’s a squeal-inducing Weezer announcement. There’s a Hold Steady concert preview. There’s a review of Easy A, a movie I’ve seen twice in theaters. And there’s Butch Walker. There’s always Butch Walker.

So, the Girl in the Dunce Cap is back. And I’ve got a lot to say. Let’s hope it’s all still timely when I get it up. Heh.

Happy listening.


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