Dunce Flash: Paste – the print version – folds

The first issue of Paste I ever owned

I’m deeply saddened to report that my beloved Paste magazine is suspending its print publication. I read the news via NY Mag, who in turn heard it when Gawker broke the story this afternoon.

The magazine, which had been struggling amidst the print crisis brought on by this miserable recession, had remained afloat with the help of generous reader contributions. Alas, the donations weren’t enough. Gawker is reporting that the staff was given two hours to clean out their desks.

Pastemagazine.com will remain up and running by a “skeleton staff,” but all of my favorite Paste staffers – like the wonderful and sweet Rachael Maddux! – are reporting their unemployment.

I’m heartbroken. Well wishes to all of the folks at Paste, and thanks for all the years of reading solid, interesting pop culture reporting. It was always one of my dreams to write for Paste. What a shame.

And for Tilda Swinton to be their last cover… [Gawker via NYMag, Paste]


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