The Dunce Cap’s Third Year Thirty: Day 1

A song a day for thirty days.

Felicity and Noel

Heartbreak is hard. Moving on is harder.

Without giving away too many gruesome details (this is a pop culture blog, after all!), I’m launching a daily feature which will, in addition to providing you kids with groovy tunes, help me get through a bit of a rough patch.

In thirty days, classes will commence at Northwestern, and I will begin my third year. And thirty days is the perfect length of time for, you know, getting over things. Each day, beginning today and concluding September 21, I’m going to blog to share a song and a goal/accomplishment for the day, depending on the time of day which I choose to write. In thirty days time, the assumption is, I’ll feel whole again, mostly.

Sound cheesy? There’s no telling just how cheesy this’ll become. But, rejoice! This will be a project replete with pretty and not-so-pretty tracks, and, with a little luck, at the end, I’ll release a mixtape version of the whole dang thing.

Breaking up is hard to do. But, like most things, it seems to get easier over time. And when accompanied by a handful of Kelly Clarkson tracks.

So what exactly is the Third Year Thirty? It’s a musical how-to guide for releasing all kinds of relationship-related frustrations and anguish, followed by tongue-in-cheek pieces of advice and even cheekier poorly Photoshopped pictures of relationships that ended too soon. It’s my shoddy example at making lemonade. And, for a more established breakup guide, may I recommend The Frisky’s 30 Day Breakup Guide.

Day 1 after the jump.

Aug. 22, 2010:

day 1: don’t call.

Not even just to hang up. Not to rehash the intimate and often overwraught details. Instead, leave yourself voicemails!, or at least SlyDial, creep. This one should be obvious –

Okkervil River, “Calling and Not Calling My Ex”


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