A.V. Club: Flashback

ReadySexGo!, Marvelous 3 (2000)

^^I actually have an autographed copy
of this poster in my room. She’s a mannequin, dirty.

Oh my goodness, early century flashback!

I have this clip on VHS somewhere in the recesses of my video collection, but this newfangled thing called YouTube (plural?) allows me to access them in a jiffy!

A full decade ago, Marvelous 3 appeared on the rather shitty WB drama Charmed. The show followed a succession of increasingly unappealing sisters (Shannen Doherty, Holly Marie Combs, Alyssa Milano and Rose McGowan) – who also happen to be witches. Gasp.

The show aired between ’98 and ’06 (far, far too long), though the poor plot quality was almost compensated for by the array of musical guests who appeared. Like Beverly Hills, 90210‘s Peach Pit, P3, a nightclub owned by sister Piper, was where the gang of four (I nearly typed something that rhymes, begins with a ‘w’ and is equally fitting!) congregated. The Peach Pit had The Flaming Lips and an early Adam Levine circa Kara’s Flowers (the band that would be Maroon 5); P3 had Dishwalla, Fastball, Goo Goo Dolls, Billy Zane (!) and, of course, Butch Walker‘s old outfit, Marvelous 3.

With drummer Slug and Jace on bass rounding out the triad, Marvelous 3 created a sound less glam than previous Walker group SouthGang and more tongue-in-cheek than most contemporary musical peers. The members kept their leather and cut their hair to feathered shags, but their sound was still Southern-crusted rock. In the 2000 Charmed episode “Sight Unseen,” Marvelous 3 performed “Cold as Hell” from their album ReadySexGo! Check out the clip below. There’s Slug’s Union Jack tank! Butch’s eyeliner! Jace’s weird David Lee Roth blonde homage! Alyssa Milano‘s rack! Truly, something for everyone.



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