Dunce Flash: Spencer Plays Dress-Up

Courtesy of The Frisky, sweet redemption! I was, as per my Twitter status yesterday, right. The soon-to-be former Mr. Heidi Montag (unkempt Ken) is a crazy homeless man! Or, per a gag with the equally as classy Perez Hilton, merely dressed as one. Not-so-brutally rebuffed from The Hills series finale party, Spencer Pratt (excuse me, King Spencer, as he’d like to be addressed) added himself to the guest list. Sort of.

Spencer Pratt, le brat

Spencer, the clear villain of The Hills – yes, even more than Brody Jenner – must have lost his invitation to the big celebration, but Hilton suggested he find his own way in. Dressed like a poor Albert Einstein impersonator, Pratt stormed the Hills crowd with a renewed fervor of douche baggery. Wearing body padding, aging face make-up and a bushy white beard and wig, Pratt vowed to air his “obnoxious mouth” even louder than before. Oh, dear God. The world isn’t ready for that. And the outfit? It didn’t fool anyone – The Roosevelt canceled his reservations, but he liked it so much he wore it to the Inception premiere too. Odds are – he wasn’t invited to that one, either. Pathetic. [The Frisky] [NY Daily News]

Why is “Runaway Train” playing during a Heidi-Spencer montage? Is this a revelation that Spencer is indeed a homeless man? #thehills 10:38 PM Jul 13th via web

cckeevan @ Twitter


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