About a Girl: Juggling

This may be a post far more worthy for, say, The Girl With the Hasidic Strap, but there’s a definite air of Dunce Cap here, too. Regardless, I’ll make it short.

Image courtesy of devianart

I’m starting to feel like myself again. Y’know, the old me? The one-time popular girl, the rock n’ roll aficionado, the brazen smarty-pants. It’s all starting to feel, I don’t know, natural again. The interview today helped, certainly, the one with a certain music journalist and amateur documentarian (or professional drinker – it’s anyone’s call) that will hopefully go up here late this week or early next. And it was more, too. It was driving along wet suburban streets with the radio blasting, hand to wheel, Atlanta all steamy from early evening rainstorms. And it was this song, too, a little.

Shawn Mullins, “Lullabye”

This may not seem like a terribly momentous occasion, feeling like I used to. But it is. It’s something big and real and, well, extraordinary.

Happy listening.


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