Dunce Flash: Fashion

Yes, I have trouble dressing myself in anything more dazzling than a librarian cardigan. This, however, doesn’t mean I lack total fashion sense. Yes, the girl with the dunce cap is a budding (and closeted!) fashionista.

In fashion news:

Image from hollywoodlife.com
  • Like, totally! Classic designer Calvin Klein is bringing back the adorable dress Cher Horowitz (Alicia Silverstone) wears in “Clueless” – the white slinky number Cher wore on her date with Christian (the “cake-eater” with a love for Billie Holiday – “I love him!” – and Tony Curtis). InStyle reports the Calvin Klein minidress Cher’s father forbid her from wearing sans cover-up is currently in the works again, set to sell in L.A. boutique Confederacy and online at shopconfederacy.com, and premiering later this year in red and Cher’s classic white. It’ll cost a measly $916. Duh, Daddy. I hope this is the start of a Clueless fashion re-creation. I love the dress Amber wears to the party in the Valley, even if Cher wore it better. This is seriously the best thing to come from Calvin Klein since Mark Wahlberg modeled their underwear. [In Style]
    (editor’s note – after digging around a bit, it’s been determined the dress is now available in store and online. commence splurging/coveting.)

    (additional editor’s note – I also learned from The Frisky that designer Isaac Mizrahi has redesigned the vintage prom dress worn by both Kelly and Brenda on “Beverly Hills, 90210.” The dress, a black off-the-shoulder with a big, white taffeta bow, brought a major teen flashback when it premiered at Mizrahi’s resort 2011 runway show. For the stars of the teen drama, a show I rediscovered a bit late in my youth, it caused a near-meltdown of a total BFF-dom. Woah. [The Frisky])
Chuck Taylor All Star Dr. Seuss by Converse
  • Converse, you sneaky and smart retailers. You’ve captured my heart yet again. So, sure, the music geek in me definitely wanted the Kurt Cobain sneaks from the music collection last year. Or the Clash ones. Or, oh!, the Blondie ones. Channeling Debbie Harry? Check. But now you’ve done it again. Converse recently unveiled their Chuck Taylor Dr. Seuss collection, 17 designs for kids and kids at heart decorated with characters or elements from the beloved children’s books. They run between $35 and $65 in both hi- and lo-tops and feature The Cat in the Hat, Thing 1 and Thing 2 and the fish of One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish. They’re adorable and totally chic. I’m not sure that they’re available in retail stores, but definitely check them out on the website. I hope something tres geek is next – Roald Dahl characters, anyone?

Which movie/book would you most like to see recreated in fashion?
Please, no Twihards here.


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