Back Talk: Justin Bieber gets philosophical

Two quotes from the Bieb came across The Dunce Cap radar. They’re two real winners!

Justin Bieber channels Bob Dylan while on tour

“Barbara Walters just came backstage earlier. I hit on her. Think she liked it.” – Pop sensation Justin Bieber via Twitter following his visit to the set of The View

Bieber has a sense of humor! Who knew? The Bieb’s Twitter is actually pretty hilarious. Like LeVar Burton’s or Shaq’s (“VERY QUOTATIOUS. I PERFORM RANDOM ACTS OF SHAQNESS”), Bieber’s tweets are pretty witty slices of daily life, documented in under 160 characters. The teen heartthrob revealed on The View that Walters was his kind of women. Millions of preteen girls wept.

Here’s another more recent gem from the Bieber cannon.

“I miss being a trending topic 😦 ” – Bieber via Twitter on not being among the most tweeted topics (though this was later revealed to allegedly be a practical joke by a friend – real sad face)

Keep it up, little man. I’m liking you more and more.


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