Dunce Flash: Lady Gaga to climb the fashion ladder?

A match made in heaven.

It seems Lady Gaga is no longer content to let others design her excessive headwear – she wants to get into fashion!

Vogue.com UK reported that the new queen of pop applied for an internship position with London milliner (that’s hat designer for you laymen) Philip Treacy, who collaborated with the artist on headpieces to accompany her outrageous stage get-ups. Representatives for Treacy confirmed that they had received an application from one Stefani Germanotta (though it remains to be seen if she simply applied under her stage moniker – can she get away with that?), but the rep denied requests to publish the application. Gaga allegedly demonstrated her humor in her resume, and I can only imagine the skills, experience and honors she listed. Occupation? International superstar. Awards? Six Grammy nominations, two wins. Skills? Deftly disguising a penis (rumored).

I applaud Gaga’s work ethic and determination, but it’s hard to imagine her fetching coffee, as is common in these kinds of internships. And, really, she’s not quite as demure or inconspicuous as one should be when acting as the gopher for an industry professional as high profile as Treacy. What’s next? Lindsay Lohan nagging Anna Wintour for a handout while clad in flannel from Sam Ronson‘s garbage? Wait – that one’s actually plausible.

Below are some of Treacy’s designs for Gaga.


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