Book Club: May sites

YAY!, May Book Club!


You Have Bad Taste in Music – Eman Laerton

You Have Bad Taste in Music
This little gem appeared during RTVF 230, in the midst of a discussion of pop culture taste, and I sincerely guffawed. This man, Eman Laerton, attends the concerts of culturally low-brow musicians (Hoobastank, Nickelback, Evanescence) and mocks the attendees. Wearing a haphazard outfit of a priest robe, Zorro mask and army helmet, Laerton (a pseudonym, “Not real name” backwards) berates parents and children alike for their terrible taste of music, indicated by their presence at said concert. The whole deal is hilarious (albeit obnoxious and pretentious), even if Phase 2 of Laerton’s plan is creepy and confrontational.

Check out the videos on the web or on YouTube.

And, for good measure, May’s Trash Bin:

The Nickelback website (note the new AP Style!).

This is the site’s front page. It’s abhorrent. How can the band even stomach their poor taste? And, moreover, how can anyone find merit enough to actually visit the site?

What a total yuckfest. Hi-five, Canada.


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