A.V. Club: Hanson grows up

The brothers move through the alphabet

The three effeminate brothers from Tulsa, Zac, Taylor and Isaac, shot to popularity in 1997 with their infectious single “MMMBop,” but they failed to achieve any significant long-term success. They’re set to release their newest album, “Shout It Out,” in June, and the first single from it, “Thinking ‘Bout Somethin'” is a catchy pop ditty which returns the three precious brothers to their roots.

I can’t seem to embed the music video from MySpace, so click the video still below to watch the video, which premiered Thursday. I want to hear what you think – post in the comments.

(editor’s note) The video has drawn comparisons to the Blues Brothers, though I think the most apt comparison is to Joseph Gordon-Levitt‘s dance scene in (500) Days of Summer.

And that group jump-high-five may be the lamest thing I’ve seen on record. Ever. Still, glad to see the boys are back.

Still from "Thinking 'Bout Somethin'"

And, for good measure (and nostalgia), the video for “MMMBop,” my childhood anthem.


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