A.V. Club: My favorite video of the week

Bat Romance at Phillies-Nationals

Phillie Phanatic, my favorite mascot in professional sports, shakes his tail feather to a little Gaga.

This video legitimately made me laugh like a hyena. Combining two things I love – athletic mascots and Lady Gaga – into one concise taunting of the Nationals was a sheer act of genius. Phanatic – Tom Burgoyne – donned Gaga drag to heckle Nats third-base coach Pat Listach. And this wasn’t any of the tamer (cough) Gaga get-ups but rather her blood-stained VMAs outfit, complete with Max crown, a la Where the Wild Things Are.

Now, I’m not much of a Phils fan. When I root for the National League – and I always root for the National League – I cheer on my hometown Brav-os. I do have an untold appreciation, however, for Phillie Phanatic. He’s adorable, a fuzzy, green, frenetic dancing creature, all flailing arms and donut waist. And this performance just took the cake. The Nats, though, seem less than pleased.

Below is a photographic comparison of both Phanatic Gaga and regular ol’ crazy Gaga.

It’s nice to see the enthusiasm and the spectacle returning to America’s favorite sport!

Photo courtesy of Flickr
Photo from MTV

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