burf’days and holidays

“Birthday” by Kidz Bop Kidz

Hey kids, next week is my birthday (Tuesday, if you’re thinking gifts or cupcakes), and I’ll be entering my third decade of life!  I like gifts, clearly, and I like goofy schmatas, so I present a digest of cool gift ideas! and fun things to look at.

Click on all of the photos for hyperlinks and other goodies.

Yummy yummy in my tummy!

Four tiers, more schmear! - A TMNT Groom's Cake

Smell like a foodie! Or a bakery!

Marc Jacobs Splash Scents: Biscotti

(editor’s note: Marc Jacobs introduced his Splash Scents nearly two years ago. These scents range from pomegranate to grapefruit to ivy and are for everyday wear.)

Gummi Bears cast no shadows.

Jellio Gummi Bear Candelier

(editor’s note: Check jellio’s Web site for a whole assortment of interesting home decor pieces!)

Barefoot at ❤

TOMS Gabe Lacktman Cross-Hairs
TOMS Gabe Lacktman Aqua Fade


A new twist on America’s favorite family.

Springfield Still Life

addendum: Glam-orize yo’ fingers!

David and David and David and David and ... David (Finger Puppets!)

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