Book Club: April books

This blog has me all a-twitter with the giddiness of spring and newness and possibility. With that in mind, I’m launching all kinds of new features for my blog (see The Dunce Cap, Vol. 1), including Book Club. In Book Club, I plan to spotlight particular literary works, films, albums, television shows, magazine issues, Web sites, tracks, etc., that I’m either enjoying or hoping to enjoy during the month.

April, my favorite month of the year, just came rushing through the gates, so, without further ado, I launch the first edition of The Dunce Cap’s Book Club!

In print:

Author Julie Klausner

Julie Klausner: I Don’t Care About Your Band
“Scarsdale-bred actress and entertainer Klausner fashions a breathy, vernacular-veering-into-vulgar, spastically woe-filled account of her youthful heartaches falling for guys who were just not that into her. Chronologically arranged, the brief, zippy anecdotes move from her preadolescent sexual awakenings, poring over Stallions magazine during sleepovers with her girlfriends, through the unsavory details of sleeping with a gallery of losers throughout her 20s” (from Publisher’s Weekly).
Read a great article about Klausner from The New Yorker here.

Frank Portman: King Dork
“In Frank Portman’s dazzling debut novel, frustrated song-writer and high school student Tom Henderson finds his dead father’s copy of The Catcher in the Rye, and his life changes forever. Part social satire, part mystery, with a healthy dose of rock music (and angst), King Dork is one of our must-read favorites of the year” (from


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