Book Club: April television

Presenting the third installment of April’s Book Club: grandiose emotion on the small screen!

Channel surfing:

The cast of NBC's "Parenthood"

The return of Glee“! (April 13)
The cultural phenomenon is back, and I cannot be more excited. I sat in rapt attention, captivated by the singing and pretty colors and glowing faces, and the season left off with such a bang. I am eager to find out about Finn & Rachel, what’s-her-face‘s baby and, of course, Emma and Mr. Schuester!

Despite poor critical reception, “Parenthood” captured my heart with its various plotlines all intertwining with the Braverman family. I’m optimistic about the future of the series, and I am hopeful that the characterization will further as the season progresses.

Even the characterization in “Parenthood” is flexible – the immature Crosby (Dax Shepard) grows, matures and constantly morphs into a man more like his brother. It’s an emotional show I adore, an interesting family series similar to but entirely divergent from ABC’s “Modern Family.”


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