about me.

Dear blogosphere (particularly the students of Criticism in the Digital Age),

This is my second WordPress blog (see the first one, “The Girl With the Hasidic Strap” here), and it’s the purpose, primarily, of this one to compile all of my deepest musings on popular culture.

I am fascinated by popular culture. From the most inane to the highest brow, I hoover all kinds’a culture phenomena. I read “McSweeney’s” and “The National Enquirer,” and my iTunes runs the gamut from Miley to Bon Iver (yummy) – the buck, though, stops at Justin Bieber. I adore Zooey Deschanel for all the right reasons and Zac Efron for all the wrong. I’m a music connoisseur and an obnoxious font of useless musical knowledge, and I plan to write about all this and more here.

The box at the top right is a dropdown menu which can direct you to my posts, divided by subject matter (this is subject to change).

Comments are greatly appreciated.

For links to published clips and personal musings, visit The Girl With the Hasidic Strap, as mentioned previously.

The Girl


One thought on “about me.

  1. Last night at Thursgay, we played Minority Report and one “either/or” question was Miley or Justin Bieber. I’m glad to see you’re on the right side 🙂

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